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Covid policies. Please read before you visit!

If you feel ill in any way or have knowingly been in contact with someone with COVID-19, PLEASE STAY AT HOME. Even if you have a cold, stay home. We don’t want to get sick (in ANY way) and we don’t want you to infect another customer. Don’t risk it, please.

Expect a line up for the till during peak season and dress for the weather. We do not have much of a covered area for you to wait outside for the till so just in case there is a bit of a line up please dress for the weather or bring an umbrella.

Our yard is large with plenty of space for shopping outside. The gift shop is quite small so please wear a mask if you are uncomfortable. We have masks and hand sanitizer available.

Debit, credit card or Cultivate gift card payment is preferred. We accept cash but we would prefer contactless Debit/Credit when possible. Tapping is easy! The credit card companies have upped the tap limit to $250 so feel free to spend more!

Thank you.

Shirley Eppler