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Fish Observatory

If you’ve stopped by Cultivate this summer you may have noticed that the fish in our pond had an upgrade on their accommodations.   They now have a glass observatory that they can swim up into and have a good look around at their digs…and at you, too!

Quite a few customers have taken pictures and asked how to create this unique fish bowl within their pond.  It’s really quite simple and we’ve taken a few pictures, showing a step by step process, that will help you implement this fun fish bowl in your waterscape.

First off, you need a couple of cement blocks or something similar that are heavy enough that they won’t shift around, dislodging your glass bowl or vase.   Keep in mind the blocks will need to be submerged with an inch or two of water above.

The only other thing you need is your fishy observatory, whether it’s a glass vase or a large glass bowl.  Make sure the glass is fairly thick as the water pressure can easily break the thinner stuff.

This is basically how it will look in the pond.


Now place your blocks in the pond and snug them down to make sure they’re level and not easily tipped over.  Leave a couple of inches of space between them (or more if your bowl opening is larger) so that the fish can fit and easily swim up into the glass.









Now for the glass bowl or vase.  Carefully submerge the vase and fill it with water.










Keeping it under water slowly turn it upside down without lifting it above the surface.













Slowly, and without lifting the vase out of the water AT ALL, move it over to the blocks and put it in place.





Now comes the waiting.   I don’t know how but the fish figure it out pretty quick and can often been seen checking everything out from their new vantage point at Cultivate.