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Fairies Bring Good Luck

It is said that if you plant a miniature garden for fairies that something magical happens.  Years drop away, stress leaves you and you are transported into the world of make believe.  Nothing brings out the inner child in us more than when we plant a fairy garden.

When I was growing up some of my favourite books and poems were about fairies in the garden and just mention Cicely Mary Barker and I envision her incredible drawings of flower fairies.  There’s just something about fairy gardens that makes one young again.

Fairy gardens are a trend that is gaining in popularity.  Milner Gardens is doing their third annual Fairy House Surprise this summer where you can discover the little dwellings that the fairies have made but if you can’t wait and want to create some magic of your own then why not build your own fairy garden?   It’s easy, doesn’t take up much room (fairies are generally really small so they don’t need much) and they’re a lot of fun for young and old(er).

The reason to attract fairies to your garden is that they bring good luck and happiness.  And if you’re lucky enough to meet one then you get three wishes.   The idea is to provide a nice place for the fairies to hang out so that they feel at home and stay a long time.

You can build a fairy garden in a container of any sort, from a decorative pot, a bowl or basket to an old wheelbarrow or just find a little nook in your garden that you think the fairies might like.  Start with a base of soil and add greenery such as small plants, moss, wooly thyme, anything that is miniature looking.  We carry a few mini shrubs in the perennial section of the garden centre that work well for fairy gardens.  Don’t forget to add a few well-placed rocks for perching in the sun.

Fairies like to lounge after a long day of flitting about so a patio pad with furniture for relaxing is the way to go.  A pillow on a twig bench is a great place to rest weary wings.  If your fairies are outdoorsy (as most are) then supply them with a tricycle, a croquet set or a pond to dip their toes in.  A gazing ball will allow fairies to become lost in their thoughts and a wheelbarrow could be set nearby in case there are leaves to collect.

If you really want fairies to find a permanent home in your garden then a cottage is a must have.  They should feel welcome and a stepping stone path leading to the door is an automatic invite for a fairy.  If there is a stream around the cottage make sure there’s a bridge for easy access.


I must make one thing clear.  Fairies are in no way related to gnomes.  Fairies are friends, gnomes get up to mischief.

Gnomes are known to create havoc when you’re not looking, spreading broom seeds about, dragging poison ivy onto pathways and inviting slugs over for a game of hide and seek in the hostas so make sure you pick up a fairy garden ‘Gnomes Not Allowed’ sign at Cultivate.

No matter what scale you normally garden in, create a corner of magic in your life with a fairy garden.   It will make you feel good.

Shirley Eppler

May 2013