Bobbex Deer & Rabbit Repellant


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The Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent formula contains animal proteins and other organic elements such as eggs, fish meal, fish oil, meat meal, garlic, and clove oil. Our proven formula works by mimicking a fresh kill site which naturally repels deer and rabbit through fear and smell.

Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent is NOT a pesticide or a poison. It is safe for people, pets, wildlife, and aquatic life while promoting a healthier growing environment for your plants. No other product on the market uses as many all-natural ingredients nor is as effective as Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent.

For best results, use Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent year-round. Before spraying, make sure the plants are dry. Bobbex will not stick to wet surfaces. Bobbex requires approximately 6 hours to fully dry and to adequately adhere to plant surfaces.

In periods of rapid growth, all topical and granular repellents need to be reapplied more frequently. Remember only what is covered with Bobbex is protected. As plants continue to grow, it is important to reapply to the new growth.

Use Bobbex in the fall and winter months to prevent damage to shrubs that keep their leaves throughout the year, such as rhododendrons, arborvitae, holly, and yews. The last three are some of the most preferred forage plant material by deer. It is important to apply to non-evergreen shrubs to avoid damage to bark caused by rabbits.

In winter, ensure that temperature is above 2° C when applying. This will prevent water freezing on leaves and drawing out the moisture from the leaf which may cause browning along leaf edges. These cautionary recommendations apply to all water-based horticultural products.

In summer, Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent should be sprayed in the cooler part of the day such as the early morning. Phytotoxicity, causing damage to plants, may occur if sprayed when temperatures are above 30° C. This is not due to the ingredients in the product, but rather the magnification of the sun through the water on the plant’s surface.

.95 litre RTU, .95 litre concentrate, 1.42 litre RTU