Policy Updates

This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company. Talk about what services you provide.

If you feel ill in any way, have travelled out of the country in the last 14 days, or have knowingly been in contact with someone with COVID-19, PLEASE STAY AT HOME. Even if you have a cold, stay home. We don’t want to get sick (in ANY way). We don’t want you to infect another customer. Don’t risk it, please, as it puts my business in jeopardy along with everyone’s health. 

Expect a line up for the til and dress for the weather. We do not have much of a covered area for you to wait outside for the till so just in case there is a bit of a line up please dress for the weather or bring an umbrella. 

Our yard is large with plenty of space for shopping outside, however, we are limiting the amount of customers in the greenhouse with masks mandatory since social distancing is harder to achieve in the greenhouse. The gift shop is also limited as it is quite small so please check before entering. We will once again have a til set up outside and a lot of the product that is usually in the store (pesticides, fertilizers, etc) will also be offered in the soil shed outside for those who do not wish to visit the gift shop. 

As per the Provincial Heath Order, masks are now mandatory inside our gift shop and when close to staff and other customers. We have non medical masks available just outside our gift shop door if you forgot yours. 

Our carts are sanitized after each use and we have a hand sanitizing stations at the gate and store entrances. Our hand sanitizer is made specially for us from our fertilizer supplier and its made in Canada with Canadian grain. How great is that! It contains 74% ethanol along with glycerol which, we’ve found out, makes your hands soft! Even greater! 

Keep 6ft/2m distance from other customers AND staff. If you are reminded by staff to maintain your distance please do not get mad at us. We are simply following the guidelines that allow us to remain open. You might feel comfortable with what you are doing but staff and probably other customers may not.

Touch only what you plan on buying if possible. When shopping with children please keep them by your side and don’t allow them to touch anything (tough to do, I know, I’ve been there, but please use this as a teaching moment if you can). 

We cannot accept little bags of leaves or bugs at this time or look at a picture on your phone. If you have a pest or disease sample for identifying please email [email protected] and include good photos of the issue. We shall try to help you out that way. 

When you get near the store you will see a sign asking you to wait for the cashier. If you encounter a line up please know that we are pretty organized and are doing our best to get you through as quick as possible while following all the safety guidelines. Please wait to the side on the porch, out of the weather, until you are called in. Please keep the doorway clear so that customers and staff can exit safely. 

Debit, credit card or Cultivate gift card payment is preferred. We accept cash but we would prefer contactless Debit/Credit as we cannot sanitize money in between customers. Tapping is easy! The credit card companies have upped the tap limit to $250 so feel free to spend more!

The gift shop open! However we are limiting the amount of people inside at one time. It is very small and staff are in and out constantly so please respect our policies and remember that others may be waiting to shop inside also. We have non medical masks available just outside the door along with hand sanitizer. Please wait to the left side of the door, keeping the exit area clear so that customers and staff can exit safely.

The washroom is not open to the public at this time. No exceptions, sorry. 

When you’ve finished with your cart please leave it outside of the entrance gate and someone will collect it, sanitize it, and put it back into circulation.

This last one is important and yes, we’ve had issues with a handful of people unfortunately. My staff do not need to be subjected to rude comments, swearing or anything negative, really. It’s not our fault! Our policies are in place to protect our customers and staff and to abide by the guidelines put out by the government and health authority. If we cannot adhere to them we will be forced to close or get handed a heavy fine. If someone isn’t abiding by our policies they will be asked to leave immediately.

Thank you.

Shirley Eppler