Deer Resistant Plants

‘Deer resistant’ plants doesn’t mean ‘deer proof’ however these are some of the plants that we have found to be consistently ignored by deer in the area.  These are, by no means, all of the plants that are generally deer resistant.  Come see us at Cultivate and we’ll help you choose what is suitable for your garden.

Deer are browsers that follow regular paths and eat as they go.  If possible, block their regular route or plant deer resistant plants in those areas.  Heavier browsing tends to happen in late summer when plants are lusher in our watered and fertilized gardens than they are in their natural habitat.  Fencing is the best deterrent against deer but must be 6ft or higher.  There are repellent sprays available that work through taste or smell and can be effective.   These need to be reapplied often during the growing season.   Stakes and netting can be temporary protection for new plantings as they seem to be particularly susceptible to damage by deer.

Deer generally tend to avoid scented, fuzzy and spiny leaves, gray foliage and most conifers however they may still browse a garden to try things out!   NO PLANT IS DEER PROOF!