We make house calls!

Not sure how to tackle a new landscape, rejuvenate an existing garden or spruce up a corner?  Do you sometimes wish you could just have someone come over and identify what you have in your garden and tell you how to look after it?  We now make house calls!

From a general consultation to a small yard design complete with hand sketched, detailed drawing and a plant list, we can help.

Customer testimonials: 

“Please pass on a special thank you to Kyoung Lee for the excellent work in creating our landscape plan.  We are now confident in proceeding with the work. Wow, she has ideas!  We were overwhelmed with what to do with our yard and she recommended not only what to do in the yard but solved our parking and storage issues as well. We think it is wonderful that this service is available through your company!  Thanks again!  Trudy and Mitch”

“Your excellent design and Chris’ extensive know-how, have resulted in a front yard that far exceeds our expectations.  We are simply thrilled with it; it’s beautiful!  People walking by are stopping to admire the unusual layout.  One gentelman even came to the door to tell us how much he like it.  Pat and Lorne”

“Thank you Kyoung for your designing and horticulture expertise. I am thrilled with the plan you put together. You suggestion of plants was very well thought out, and you have saved us hours of contemplation and money! I appreciate that we will be repurposing a number of plants while investing in some new plants that will add the pop we want!  Melody”

General Consultations include a 60 minute visit from our garden designer and plant expert, Kyoung Lee.  Have your questions ready and a note pad!  $100.

Basic Design Consultations include a visit from our garden designer and plant expert, Kyoung Lee.  During the visit Kyoung will discuss design ideas, challenges and plant preferences, take measurements and pictures.  At a follow up appointment at Cultivate, Kyoung will present her hand sketched design and go over the suggested plant list with you.  A 15% off coupon on plants for one month is included in this consultation to help you complete your dream space.  $200.

Premium Design Consultations include the same as the Basic however the drawing is more detailed and can encompass a larger area.  Premium Designs start at $500 and include a 15% off coupon as above.

Consultation design fees are based on a standard city sized garden (front or back).  For larger areas an additional charge may be required.  If we don’t have the plants in stock we’d be happy to order them in for you!

P1120716Kyoung has been involved in landscape design and the retail garden centre industry in the Vancouver area and on Vancouver Island for a number of years and has the following qualifications:

SOUL (Society for Organic Urban Land Care) Certified Organic Urban Landcare Professional.
Organic Master Gardener.
Organic Turf Management.
ISA Certified Arborist. (2014)
Certificate in Ecological Landscape Design.