Softub Promo

Purchase a Softub between March 17 to April 16, 2018 and receive a $500 gift certificate from Softub Canada to use towards Softub products and accessories!  Check out our display tub under the gazebo, place your deposit with us and you’ll be soaking in your very own Softub in no time! Softub 140 (1-2 person)


We have an area set up in the back of the greenhouse which is packed full of bargains!  From fertilizers to fancy giftware.  Pots to privacy shades.  Grass seed to glass gazing balls. Check it out and get yourself a good deal!

Pictures with Ursa

Ursa, our big bear, wants you to take a ‘selfie’ with her.  Take a picture with Ursa and post it to our Facebook page!  She will love the attention.  

Softubs ~ at Cultivate!

Come see our Softub display under the gazebo at Cultivate!  We have partnered up with Affordable Hot Tubs in Victoria and now you can purchase your Softub through Cultivate. Portable, light and easy to install, Softubs are the most versatile hot tubs in the world.  It uses a standard 120v outlet so no special wiring

Cultivate Club

Join the Cultivate Club and enjoy these many benefits… A 10% discount on all regular priced items and percentage sale items (example:  Roses are on sale for 20% off.  At the till we take your Club discount of 10% off the regular price of the rose and then apply the sale discount of 20% off.) Complimentary