Fall & Winter Vegetables

With summer in full swing I am already planning for winter and for next spring at the garden centre, putting final numbers together for Christmas trees, booking my roses and rhodos for next year and guessing as to how many trowels and rakes you’ll buy. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t be planning, too!  While you

Growing Potatoes in Pots

Grow potatoes in a pot? Sure, why not! If you are cramped for space in the garden or live in a condo with only a balcony that doesn’t mean you have to be without home grown potatoes! Spuds can be grown quite easily in a container as long they get lots of sun and you’re

Growing Citrus

When you think of citrus fruits you think of a warmer climate south of the border, perhaps California and Florida, but why not grow them here?  With a little care you can certainly do that! While we don’t have the long hot summers and really mild winters there is no reason we can’t enjoy gardening

Those Rotten Tomatoes

Your tomatoes are planted and now you just need some warm days to get the ball rolling and the tomatoes growing, right?  Sure, that certainly helps but another thing you need to consider before the hot temperatures set in is to make sure you’re protected against Blossom End Rot. If you’re one of many who

Square Foot Gardening

Food gardens have always been popular but they seem to be even more so lately with concerns over pesticides and chemicals used in commercially produced crops.   There is no better way to control what lands on your family’s dinner plate than to grow it yourself.  Not much room for the traditional veggie garden?  Try square

Planting Garlic

Pungent, rich, flavourful garlic.  One little clove can turn a sauce from mundane and boring to tasty and delicious.  Not only is it tasty it’s packed full of allicin and diallyl sulphides.  Two big words that I don’t have room here to explain but generally have to do with health benefits. Late September and October

Growing Blueberries

Mmmmmm, blueberries.  Sun warmed blueberries plucked right off the bush and popped in the mouth.  Blueberries sprinkled liberally over vanilla ice cream or in the cereal bowl.  Blueberry crisp, hot out of the oven.   Blueberry muffins…I could go on but I think you get the picture and maybe you’re salivating for blueberries now.  That’s good

The Lowly Spud

My life wouldn’t be the same without the humble spud.  I love potatoes.  Roasted, baked, mashed or ‘new’ potatoes done in foil on the bar-be-que with a little butter, fresh herbs, garlic clove, a dash of red wine and a few shallots are to die for. Potatoes are low in fat (it’s what we add to them

Raspberries, How to Prune and When

“What do I do with my raspberry plants right now?” This is a question we hear at the garden centre a lot so obviously there’s some mystery as to when to cut back raspberry canes, if one should at all, and how to go about it. Raspberries grow from perennial roots that produce stems called