Spring Lawn Care

It is not necessarily greener on the other side but if it is then it usually means that your neighbour is looking after their lawn and you’re not.  While I’m not all about the golf green lawn, trimmed to within an inch of its life, every blade in perfect position, I must admit I do

Seeding a New Lawn

The rain!  The rain!  It’s on its way!  I’m not sure whether to jump up and down in glee because the parched garden will finally get a drink or be down in the mouth because I don’t want summer to end and I know that once the rains start they just don’t let up.  Ah

Eco Lawn

Get out your lawn mower; spring is here!  At least it is this week, next week may be another story but I feel we’ve turned the corner on Old Man Winter and we’re leaving him in the dust.  If your lawn is looking sparse, you’re over seeding after raking out moss or you’re starting a