Ladybug – The Ultimate Party Crasher

Soon we’ll be heading into some warm weather but with that brings some unwanted visitors to the garden. Namely aphids. Those little suckers (literally) start to emerge from out of nowhere it seems and one day you’ll notice that they’ve decided to party on your rose bush and have invited the whole aphid neighbourhood to join

Mason Bees

I am sometimes amazed by the smallest things (I think I just set myself up for a ’small minds’ comment).  How life spins its intricate web around us and most of the time we are unaware.  Nature has a way of taking even the simplest thing and making it a wondrous dance but if we


Besides bringing showers, April is typically the month that brings customers to the store in search of a solution for getting rid of grubs, mostly in the lawn.  Grubs can be cutworms that chew through the roots and stems of your perennials, leatherjackets which are the larvae of the European Crane Fly (those stupid looking