How to Kill a Plant

The quickest way to kill a plant…let me count the ways. You spend a few hours, happily wandering around the garden centre, oohing and ahhing over all the pretty plants, jumping back and forth between choosing a broadleaved evergreen Escallonia or a deciduous Spiraea.  Finally, your choice made, you nestle your newly purchased treasure in

Shady Shrubs

Sunny days are here again and with that sun comes the “it’s too hot, I need to find some shade to sit in!”   Well, you’re not the only one who likes a shady spot.  Here are some shady shrubs that prefer to beat the heat and stretch their roots in the cool understory of larger trees. While

Majestic Magnolias

Some of the best things this time of year are the flowering trees.  While ornamental cherries are popular they’re susceptible to problems so I tend to stay clear of them in my yard however I cannot be without majestic magnolias. Not a wall flower by any means, the magnolia certainly demands attention.  There are many

Small Plants for Small Areas

While we may drool over big, blousy English Gardens, expansive lawns for croquet or badminton games and large patios on which to entertain, the reality is a lot of us have small yards, tiny balconies and little pockets of planting areas. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as small areas can be more interesting and

Rhodos and Azalea Care

This sun and warm weather are certainly bringing out the flowers and I’ve noticed a few rhododendrons and azaleas cracking some colour around town.  If you haven’t done so already this is the time to fertilize with a rhodo specific plant food such as GardenPro Rhodo & Azalea.  Just before flowering and just after is

Spring Pruning

I know, you’re just itching to get out in the garden and DO something!  You poke about under the mulch to see if what bulbs are coming up, you inspect the rose bushes to see if there is any life showing and you are just dying to do something, anything that might bring on spring

Japanese Maples

When I hear ‘Japanese Maple’ it brings to mind cascading branches covered in wine red or green leaves next to a trickling waterfall.  This is a common setting for Japanese maples but there are so many cultivars now that there is a tree for almost any spot in the garden whether it’s by a water feature or as a

Chess Pieces or Hedging??

Ahhhh spring.  Robins chirping, bulbs poking out of the ground, cherry trees all abloom and hedging cedars travelling en masse down the streets.  Yes, this is the time of year that garden renovation ideas that have formed throughout the quiet winter months take shape.  Trenches are dug, soil is brought in, sprinkler lines get hooked

Pruning Hydrangeas

“When and how do I prune hydrangeas?” is one of the questions frequently asked at  Cultivate.  Hydrangeas seem to be one of those mysterious plants where no one is really sure how to go about tackling them.  It’s a shame all plants can’t be treated the same because then the answer would be simple but