Those Big Purple Flowers

“What are those big purple lollipop flowers and do you have any?” is a question we get quite a bit in late spring when people see these flowers blooming in someone else’s garden.  They’re alliums and they are available in the fall as a packaged bulb. While a member of the onion family, alliums are

Growing Amaryllis

Amaryllis bulbs are a popular gift this time of year when you don’t know what to get someone or to give as a hostess gift.  They’re big, they’re beautiful (well, they will be when they’re blooming) and they bring a lot of bang for your buck because they can bloom for weeks and weeks, sending

Paperwhites ~ Easy to grow!

If you’re one of those who don’t have a green thumb, one who manages to kill even the hardiest of plants, and one who receives silk plants for gifts instead of a potted azalea then have I got a project for you!  Paperwhites! These bulbs are the easiest things to grow.  They even start growing

Flower Bulbs – Size DOES Matter

Look at that sunshine!  Can you get better bulb planting weather than this?  I think not.  October is the perfect month for planting all kinds of things from trees, perennials, shrubs, garlic and, of course, fall flower bulbs. Fall flower bulbs, also called spring flowering bulbs, consist of daffodils, tulips and crocus to name the

Starting Begonia Indoors

On these somewhat dismal days of winter gardeners are anxious to get dirt under their fingernails and the scent of soil in their nostrils.  While it’s a little early to be really doing much other than the odd job out in the garden there can be some fun to be had in the dirt indoors

Not so Deer-licious Bulbs

There’s a reoccurring theme at the garden centre in Parksville.  The question most asked, the number one requirement when picking out plants…“What can I plant that the deer don’t like???” As cute as Bambi and his family is, deer are not always a welcome addition to the garden.  While I enjoy watching them as much

Summer Blooming Bulbs

Is it Spring yet?  Almost.  March 19th is the last day of winter.  Ever notice how the word winter sounds so cold and dark yet one day later its spring and everything is joyous and light?  Funny how that works.  Well, spring is certainly going to arrive the third week of March so get ready

Dahlias, Easy to Grow

Dahlias are one of my favourite flowers to cut for a vase in the house.  Partially because there are so many blooms on one plant that you hardly miss them when you cut a few and partially because they last so long in the house.  The other reason is that they are delightful.  Each flower is

Fall Blooming Crocus

When you think of crocus you picture bright yellow and purple flowers, planned en masse and bringing cheer after a long, dreary winter.  What if I told you that you could get another season of crocus cheer?  Well, you’d better hurry into the garden centre now. Fall blooming crocus, autumn crocus and colchicums usually fly under the